Multi-User SATCOM systems

Multi-User Detection for Blue Force tracking
  • MATLAB-based DSSS/CDMA demodulator
  • PowerPC/Altivec-based DSSS/CDMA demodulator
  • Fixed-point software implementation for receiver system
  • Debug of FPGA-based implementation with test vector generation/verification
  • Multiple improvements to Multi-User Detection algorithms. U. S. Patent #12/692,789 awarded
Research, development and implementation of Fast M-Sequence Transform Detector


Miniature handheld SATCOM at very low SNR
  • Currently sold in commercial marketplace
  • DSSS waveform design with unique pilot sequences for synchronization
  • MATLAB-based end-to-end simulation
  • FPGA design specs for embedded transmitter and multi-user ground station receiver
  • Realtime software implementation on Xeon multi-core under Linux
  • Successful real data transmit/receive over Geosynchronous satellite
  • U.S. Patents awarded: 9,692,587 Phase Tracking
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