Radar Processing

Over-The-Horizon Radar signal processing
  • Clutter Mitigation, CFAR detection
  • MATLAB Parallel Toolbox implementation and speed-up
Bistatic Radar array signal processing
  • Pulse compression, Beamforming, Bistatic STAP with Joint Domain Localization, CFAR detection
  • MATLAB implementation. Target + clutter test data generation and performance test
  • Architected data distribution / processor loading for minimum latency
  • Distributed/parallel software implementation on multi-core Intel array processing platform with AVX2/IPP
  • Programmed in Gedae IDEA language. Successful embedded demonstration at    customer facility
MIMO Radar clutter modeling software development
Pulse Doppler radar signal processing system
  • MATLAB, ‘C’ language, and CUDA implementations
  • Benchmark timing showed 15x speedup
Ground Penetrating Radar signal processing
  • Converted signal processing routine from MATLAB to C language. Runtime optimizations
  • 66AK2H12 multi-core implementation: architecture, resource allocation, data transfer
CW /FMCW vital signs measurement system
  • Detailed radar and hardware analysis (waveform, power, antenna structure, circuit design) for solving issues
  • Algorithm development for vital signs detection and estimation
  • Machine learning for detection of signal presence/absence
Time-of-arrival and Doppler tracking for coherent laser radar system. Time-of-arrival estimation & tracking for non-coherent pulsed laser radar system.
  • Interference cancellation in heavy clutter environment
  • Penalty function tracker implementation, optimization
  • FPGA design spec and debug
  • Successful flight tests for tracking through extreme clutter environment
FM CW high resolution industrial measurement system
  • System concept analysis / prototype definition
FM CW radar for low observable targets
  • Signal in space simulation
  • Computational estimation, component specification
  • “Range-Dependence Compensation for Bistatic STAP using Focusing Matrices,” presented at IEEE Int. Conf. on Radar 2015